"My mother had a little girl, whom she could dress up in beautiful clothes, with lace and ribbons. My poor mother! She was always so beautifully dressed"

"Actually, I think most people are hermaphrodite"

"My mother was contrarious. She made me play the piano when I wanted the violin. Why? It was too masculine, she said. Yes! I still don’t understand that, but was I already so obviously a mixture of two sexes? "

"When I was with Lipchitz, I was very drawn to Judaism, and under this influence I started to take instruction. Then, one day, an ambulance passed and without thinking I crossed myself"

"I must say I much enjoyed being fascist, because Mussolini gave us so much fun. Yes! We were piccole italiane: we had competitions and sports, we went up into the hill to plant trees, we wore uniforms, we learnt to march in step, to sing together. It was tremendous for the young. "

"I liked metaphysics and philosophy. I was very attracted to abstract ideas, I wanted to do more. In fact, I won a scholarship to study philosophy. "


Fiore gained a place to study philosophy at the university of Urbino. But before the academic year began in November, she had run away again, to Venice.
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